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Hi, my name is Lou Quintal owner of Northeast Imports. I'd like to welcome you to our website. Here you'll find our most current inventory of pre-owned Subaru's as well as other useful information for your Subaru. We pride ourselves on working on one brand only, and doing it well. I choose Subaru as the car I wanted to sell and service for a few reasons. The first reason is quite obvious, they're an amazing car! I love the way they drive in both inclement conditions as well as clear roads. I've driven Subaru's on harsh dirt roads, trails in the woods, and the obvious on road experience. They handle all conditions in surprising great fashion, and the safety that comes with a Subaru is an amazing feature for a reasonably priced all-wheel drive. Another reason I choose Subaru was the simplicity of working on the cars. I've worked on many different brand cars over the years, and Subaru is by far one of the better designed automobiles. Subaru has has designed their vehicles with a forethought on future repair. When we see an issue with a car, it's usually something we've seen before. This makes it much easier to fix the cars. It saves both us and the customer time and money. We stock a heavy inventory of factory Subaru parts so we can fix your car right the first time. Our rates are reasonable, and we can usually get you in the shop pretty quickly. Feel free to call or stop by for an appointment, or to just say hi.

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